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Alex Kokhan

Women's hoodie ghost

Women's hoodie ghost

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S-sized hoodie. Sleeve length is 51 cm, length is 59 cm, and waist size is 50 cm. Acrylic paints on hooded sweatshirt fabric. Stylish hooded sweatshirt.

I should mention that making this hoodie took longer than I anticipated. Simply because drawing a face with acrylic paints on fabric with transitions of light and dark areas is more difficult than drawing something with a single color.

Streetwear with graphic hoodies. The hoodie fabric is 96% cotton and 4% elastane.

Black hoodie for women with hand-painted mechanical geisha, geisha robot. As you can see, the front of this beautiful sweatshirt depicts an open form of a robogeisha's face, while the reverse depicts a geisha's face. Another question is which part of the face you prefer. The mechanical internal parts of the opening mask are visible on the front of the sweatshirt in the image, while face features are visible on the back of the sweatshirt. Color transitions were only made due to the density of the paint overlay, and only pure colors were used in the work. Not without little sketching details. With the fundamental designs completed, it's time to design the hoodie's empty areas. Nothing better than bronze skulls has ever been discovered. This sweater simply has skulls on the sleeves and hood. A more densely decorated room would have diverted attention away from the geisha's face. I am confident that this sweatshirt will appeal not only to followers of this theme, but also to those who appreciate gorgeous clothing. Each skull is handcrafted and differs from the others, giving it a distinct appearance. The entire sweatshirt are not to be mistaken with the standard print. Because the major stylistic dominating of this sweatshirt is red, it is recommended that you pair it with anything red from your wardrobe.

We may guess that this hoodie comes in only two colors: bronze and red. You can make a nice visual experiment if you have a golden or red purse, but a golden clasp on any color handbag will suffice. The bronze tint appears to be gold, which is reason enough for you to wear gold jewelry. If you appreciate alternative clothing styles, such as punk, this sweatshirt is a perfect choice because it features both Japanese and worldwide skulls. All of the hoodie's intricacies may be explored in extensive images and videos. This sweatshirt will not keep you warm in normal life, but it is an excellent choice for themed parties, carnivals, and even Halloween.

This hoodie is the peak of urban style and high-end streetwear. We know that the Japanese young are the most fashionable, colorful, and unique. Of course, Korean youngsters can quarrel with this assertion, but in this situation, we have a shining example of Japanese culture.

Drawing with acrylic paints is eternal, does not wash off, does not fade, and clearly distinguishes itself from the typical factory print made using any modern technology. The hoodie appears to be expensive and to be a work of art, which it is.

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Customer Reviews

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Eye-catching hoodie

I liked the hoodie, and I discovered this website by chance; I had no idea what it was until today. The hoodie is fantastic, but despite its stunning appearance, it is not the most fashionable item in the room. Everything in life is relative. If you see such a hoodie on the street, your jaw will surely drop in amazement, yet this hoodie is the most modest in this online store. I enjoy it when a face is painted on T-shirts or sweatshirts, although this is a very rare topic. I know how difficult it is to sketch a human or even a robot face. By the way, there are graphics with faces on the entire front side of the T-shirt, on an even greater scale. I strongly advise you to have a peek at this marvel.

Hoodie with a geisha

Hoodie with a technically sophisticated robot mechanism. Funny implementation. Simply beautiful and elegant.

Black hoodie

I believe the topic has been fully disclosed. For anime enthusiasts, the value is really high. This is rare for me, as is the fact that the design was not restricted to simply the front pattern. The skulls on the hood of the hoodie are a particularly eye-catching touch. Sorry I never give five stars to anyone.