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Alex Kokhan

Women's Hannya Demon Fancy Tattoo T-shirt with a snake

Women's Hannya Demon Fancy Tattoo T-shirt with a snake

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XS size women's short sleeve T-shirt. The T-shirt sleeves are 15 cm long, the neck span is 24 cm, the waist width is 46 cm, and the length is 63 cm. On the stage of Japanese Noh Theater, the mask of the Japanese demon Hannya represents a jealous woman seeking vengeance for her rival. The T-design shirt's is more amusing than horrifying. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. Nonetheless, a Horror T-Shirt from the series.

Women's handmade t-shirt with Japanese demon pattern done with acrylics on cloth, really wonderful work. The face features are detailed, and the hair is a dark gray lustrous tint with black contours. A red snake with silvery scales wraps around the t-shirt and drapes across the back, contrasting with the demon pattern on this gray t-shirt. The color red dominates the T-shirt. If you own a red belt, it is safe to suppose that you will only have a matchless outfit. The T-shirt will fit great with a yellow vohr or matching bottom. It's difficult to pull your gaze away from the T-shirt design; remember this, and you'll have the undivided attention of passers-by on the street. My favorite theme is the human face, however in this case it is the face of a demon or its mask, but in any case, this T-shirt clearly exposes all the details of exquisite art. Hannya is a Japanese stage mask with a dreadful grin of a jealous woman, a demon, or a serpent in its direct position. However, if the mask is slightly tilted, the slanted brows create the appearance of an inconsolably sobbing face. The mask has two pointed bull horns, metallic eyes, and an ear-to-ear half-open mouth. If this isn't a sobbing, inconsolable T-shirt, it's because the mask's face isn't tilted enough or the T-owner shirt's isn't as sentimental.

Thus, you see the mask of an aristocratic woman, but it is up to you to determine how aristocratic the mask itself is. Furthermore, according to the dentist, the demon's fangs are in excellent condition. A leather-colored handbag or shoes, in addition to the red belt, can enhance your attractiveness when worn with this T-shirt. The T-shirt, on the other hand, does not impose rigid criteria and suggests that it can be combined with any outfit.

Hannya comes in a variety of colors: a white mask represents an aristocratic woman, a red mask represents a woman from the lower classes, and a burgundy, dark red mask represents actual demons that have moved into the female body. This T-shirt features a white mask; similar T-shirts are available in the collection, but the demon masks are drawn specifically with white paint. This T-shirt is one-of-a-kind and defined by its bright yellow color, which does not pale in comparison to T-shirts with white faces of demon masks.

The Japanese demon's face was created with yellow acrylic paint on fabric, white fangs, silver eyes with a pink tint along the edges, white horns, and gray pearl hair on the head accented with a black contour. This is a fashionable T-shirt for the summer; the fabric stretches slightly and makes you feel very comfortable in it. Color that is suitable for everyone. The T-shirt can be worn with a variety of other outfits. The T-shirt is stunning and, more importantly, unique; your friends have never seen anything like it.

A red snake with silver scales snakes over the shoulder of the T-shirt and descends on the back with a terrifying open mouth. The snake's tail elegantly twists on the demon's horn, emphasizing the trick that the character of this wonderful T-shirt can perform.

Even from a long distance on the street, you can tell that the T-shirt is a hand-painted original rather than a print. T-shirt paints are not subject to mechanical abrasion, are not washed out during washing, do not fade in the sun, and do not require special care.

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Customer Reviews

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Gray T-shirt but very noticeable

I appreciate gorgeous and uncommon outfits, and I've seen a lot. I enjoy searching the Internet for lovely outfits that only I haven't seen. Yet, to be honest, this is the first time, and it applies not only to the T-shirt for which I am writing a review, but to the entire online store and brand. Several details impress and astonish, and everything is so contrasted and amazing. There are numerous detailed photographs and even films that allow you to see numerous features and nuances. Some of the photographs were taken against a gray wall background, and despite the fact that the T-shirt completely matches the color of the wall, the T-shirt is not lost, proving that the background should contrast with the item or apparel.

T-shirt that stands out

Pretty nice t-shirt. Despite the price, it deserves five stars. I always judge things by their cost. The demon's hair is also illustrated. The t-shirt stands out a lot. The T-shirt is gray, yet despite being photographed against a gray wall background, it stands out strongly.

Chic t-shirt

The idea of devils on T-shirts is not new, and there are other examples available in various web retailers, but this is truly exceptional. And the other apparel options are excellent. It's difficult to pick just one thing you like here with you. There's even a paint-drawn tag. The demon has a thoughtful expression on his face, chuckling with tears in his eyes. When there is a face expression, it is unusual.