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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket winged lion

Women's denim jacket winged lion

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Hand-painted denim jacket in XS size. Sleeve length is 58 cm, the length is 50 cm, and the waist width is 39 cm. Fabric composition: 99% cotton and 1% elastane; as a result, the fabric stretches slightly and is elastic. Fitted denim jacket for women. Handmade to a high standard. It's difficult to find a more opulent, sophisticated denim jacket.

Japanese-style acrylic painting with a very rich decor covering the entire area of the jacket. The picture's highest level of detail and elaboration. The drawing was refined several times, and the details of the decor were added in the hopes of producing something exceptional. The lion's wing contours are repeated on the shoulders and cuffs. The drawing is done in the style of Edo period Japanese or Korean folk art from the 17th century.

It's a rare occasion when a hand-painted denim jacket fits the girl perfectly and has a stunning pattern. Typically, denim jackets are not chosen with great care for painting; the main emphasis is on having a sufficiently large surface and, ideally, being free of holes and other fashionable scuffs.

As a result, only the buyer is concerned with how this jacket will look on him because he is the one who will be wearing it. As a result, he purchased something with a lovely pattern, but it is impossible or uncomfortable to wear because the style is ugly and out of date. The pattern is fashionable, but the style is not, and the latter simply negates all of the former's advantages.

Perhaps such items are not purchased to be worn at all, but rather as a work of art rather than a piece of clothing. Such a jacket can even be hung on the wall and used as a picture, decorating not a person, but the interiors of a house. But I am not a fan of this approach; a piece of clothing should serve its intended purpose, especially if it is a denim jacket painted with acrylics on fabric; there is nothing to worry about, it does not rub off over time, and acrylic is not affected by outside factors.

Handmade denim jacket for women with a winged lion and a snake. This wingless lion was created with bronze acrylic paint on fabric. His wing design has become the main element for this denim jacket. This elaborate winged motif may be seen on the cuffs of the sleeves, on the shoulder, and all over the surface of the denim jacket. In reality, there are two snakes on the jacket, one visible from the front and the other lurking on the back. The lion and snake have a similar pattern and even hue. Our lion is not simple, but reptilian, with scales resembling those of two snakes. In addition to winged patterns with feathers, beautiful areas of mother-of-pearl-lilac paint can be seen. The sleeves, as you can see, have a really intricate design that replicates feathers in all their beauty. The denim jacket has a stylistic homogeneity throughout, which is always a sign of perfection.

A denim jacket will work with any bottom, but only something golden can complete your distinctive trendy style; this might be a handbag or something dark beige, or any hue that looks like bronze.

The jacket appears to be one-of-a-kind, a true museum piece. The pattern of plumage on the cuffs, which is inspired by the pattern of lion wings, is, in my opinion, the main strong point of this jacket. Nothing like it exists today, most likely.

Acrylic paints are heat resistant. They are eternal and will not be destroyed by detergents, sunlight, or mechanical stress.

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Customer Reviews

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This store has a lot of attractive clothes, but I think this denim jacket is the most fashionable. The denim jacket is stylish despite the bright golden sparkling reds!

The best denim jacket

I've seen it all, but this denim jacket was the most impressive. I never post internet reviews, but this is an exception. The jacket's cuffs are particularly stunning. The feather designs are very stunning. Beautiful, rich design. A denim jacket is pricey, but it is simply a required condition for calling it the greatest.

I wanted to buy this jacket, but it's too pricey.

A beautiful denim jacket for a spoilt little girl. Every woman has distinct requirements for coats. Of course, tastes differ, but there is also objective fact when something appears to be truly remarkable. And this is an example of exclusivity. If you're bored of the same old things, like standard denim jackets, and want something different, this jacket is certainly a godsend. The only point is that redemption is extremely valuable. But my God, this denim jacket is stunning! Everything is lovely, and there are numerous images in which you can see even the slightest details, as well as a video! Apart for the price, I liked everything about the jacket except the price, therefore I gave it four instead of five stars.