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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket tiger eye

Women's denim jacket tiger eye

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Women's hand-painted denim jacket in size XS. The product measures 53 cm long, 40 cm wide at the waist, and 60 cm long on the sleeve. A tiger is painted on the sleeve; the painting was done without tearing the sleeve's fabric. The art of Japan and Korea during the Edo period (17th century) inspired me. On the back is a painting based on Korean folk art from the same era. High level of detail. Colors that are calm and noble.

This denim jacket is a museum piece, as well as a collector's item. Nothing like it exists and will not be created; I do not repeat myself.

There are no special instructions for washing or caring for it. The item will be useful for a long time. Denim jackets are known to be timeless; they do not wear out as quickly as jeans, and you should not be afraid to wear them frequently, even if there is no reason to. People's attention is drawn to the jacket. This isn't just a pattern on the jacket; it's a well-thought-out design that encompasses every square centimeter of the surface.

Minor traces of a marker and microparticles from acrylic paint used for painting may be found on the jacket as a result of my work as an artist.

The tiger on the sleeve is adorable; I had to fiddle around a lot to get it to fit in there without tearing the fabric. This was made possible by the looser fit of this jacket model and the large sleeve fabric area. The mother-of-pearl purple color adds a unique charm to this style, which is successfully combined with gold paints.

The jacket is a stark contrast to what everyone else is wearing on the street. A more elegant woman than you in this outfit is unlikely to be encountered. Acrylic painting cannot be confused with ordinary factory prints, regardless of how modern and technologically advanced the equipment and methods used to apply the paints are. These colors are just different.

Hand-painted Korean tiger tiger denim jacket for women. Traditional folk motifs. Art that is naive. My pride is the tiger on my right sleeve. It's tough to draw such fine features on the sleeve, especially since it's not stitched. The prominent colors in this denim jacket are gold and lilac. Lilac is akin to light purple, but in this case, lilac is a beautiful color with such a metallic sheen. The sleeve's cunning crouching tiger is both flashy and appealing. It takes up the entire round shape of the sleeve, and if you unfolded it, you'd see how it looks on the plane rather than in such a folded position.

A snake in a similar style is drawn on the front, on the right side, with the smallest details of the scales drawn. A little replica of the back pattern, with a golden moon and leaves painted in the gradient of lighting of this particular moon, can be found on the right front above the pocket. You can notice in the images and video what part lilac has in the design of this women's denim jacket. On the back of the jacket, there is a depiction of a mother tigress with pups under a tree in the moonlight against a lilac night sky. Tiger coloring continues on the cuffs, pockets, and left sleeve.

Tiger coloring continues on the cuffs, pockets, and left sleeve. Actually, that's all there is to it, but in practice, you'll need to try to pick something up by color in order to put on this fantastic denim jacket. The golden color suggests a range of purses with gold clasps, as well as the wearing of gold jewelry. However, the lilac color is extremely rare. But don't get too worked up because the people who see you will not notice how you combine colors. Of course, the main focus is on the design of the denim jacket and what is drawn on it. White denim jacket with hand-painted design that is one of a kind in the world.

Acrylic paints contain a resin that is impregnated into the fabric during the finalization of the pattern's thermal heating. There is no need for additional care or washing. There's no need to be concerned that the drawing will deteriorate over time. It's simply a piece of art from a Korean museum.

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Customer Reviews

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Such a beautiful denim jacket

It's just a high-end denim jacket; it's not cheap, but it's quite expensive! I recognize that this is not mass manufacture, and that the emphasis is on quality and individuality. After all, we seek something magical from the goods, and cheap things do not provide such pleasure, at least not for long after the purchase.

Jean jacket

What a fantastic tiger denim jacket! The depiction of a tiger on the jacket's sleeve particularly attracted me. The denim jacket's style is really fashionable, and it appears that everything here is drawn with polished taste. Also, I noted the allure of antiques, implying that the essence of the drawings is derived from forgotten motifs of the past. I've seen several similar coats with different tiger themes; they're all extremely pretty, but nothing really grabs you. Yet in the case of this denim jacket, there is some type of alchemy, chemistry, at least between myself and the photographs of this jacket. The price is a touch steep, but this denim jacket makes up for it. However, five stars for the jacket, but a little less for the price.

Not a picture but a design

Tigers with no peers in a brilliantly beautiful design. The denim jacket has a unique charm in that it is white, and it appears that the gold design looks best on a white jacket. The entire picture is portrayed on the jacket, but it does not appear to be pulled off, and it appears that all of this is an inherent design of the jacket. When you observe merely a single design on a denim jacket, it is best to leave the jacket alone because the pattern is improper and incomplete. The overall design of the jacket receives five stars.

Sophy D
The best tiger jacket

I'm not sure how such a tiger was drawn on the sleeve without being embroidered. In real life, such a snake is red, and we frequently see it on clothing. Yet, the snake in gold appears much more stunning than the serpent in red on this denim jacket. For me, this is a revelation. The back is very lovely. I'm curious if the jacket will shed in the wash. A white denim jacket should be washed on a regular basis.