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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket Flower skull

Women's denim jacket Flower skull

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S size hand painted jacket with gold leaf decor. Sleeve length is 61 cm, height is 52 cm, and the waist width is 42 cm. The attention to detail. Style is naive. Places decorated with gold foil were treated with a special varnish and glue, resulting in distinctive spots. Furthermore, stains from a fabric marker were visible on the reverse side. This is my favorite piece, despite the stains.

This is the world's only gold leaf denim jacket. At least the ones that are currently available for purchase. In general, the jacket has a stunning effect, with a grand floral design of the skull on the back in a variety of colors and attention to the smallest details.

This denim jacket holds the record for the most time-consuming project conception and planning. Certain sections are done in a childlike manner, while the main skull design on the back is a labor of love with numerous minor details. When the acrylic painting was finished, it was decided to continue embellishing, but this time with gold foil. Of course, this is unusual, but this denim jacket is an exception. This technological moment cannot be ruled out because traces of clear glue remained where the gold foil was applied. Yet, the denim jacket creates an eye-catching impact. All of the beauty is captured in vivid images and movies.

All attempts to make the skull appear frightening were futile because the skull is made out of leaves and flowers. On the front is a black snake with a red flower and green leaves motif. I normally use olive to show green leaves, but I went with a bright green this time. On a white denim background, the denim jacket has a contrasting design. Huge red and pink flowers are created using several ways; some are highlighted with additional contour paints, while others are not; only you can evaluate which choice was more successful.

A magnificent pattern of flower stems in brilliant green that contrasts subtly with the huge flower buds can be found on the left front.

You'll probably have trouble going out in public while wearing this denim jacket. On the one hand, the jacket is covered in red and pink flowers, which may indicate that you should match your style with red accessories. Maybe it'll be a red handbag or red shoes. Maybe you have some gold-colored things. By the way, this denim jacket plainly implies that gold jewelry is required. Earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, gold purse clasps, gold belt buckles, and so forth.

However, such additions may not be necessary because others will most likely be so preoccupied with examining the jacket that they will be unable to evaluate how well you combine this outfit with other items of clothing.

Tests have shown that this method of gluing foil to denim has a long enough wash life. Nonetheless, unlike the acrylic fabric paint used to create the painting, I do not offer a lifetime guarantee on the safety of leaf foil on fabric.

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Customer Reviews

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Seems like a good buy

This denim jacket is rare even for this brand; it is decorated with gold foil, which I have never seen before. It's quite intriguing. Even without the gold, this denim jacket looks really rich and cool. Amazing floral skull design, with flowers and snakes all throughout. And I noted that the pricing is even lower than that of comparable denim jackets on this site.

Unexpected denim jacket

It's the first time the golden denim jacket has seen anything like it. I enjoy wearing interesting clothing. This option is really stunning! I observe that many various techniques have been used, with the exception of needlework.

Golden denim jacket

The gold foil will immediately peel off after the first wash. Yet even without the gold, I believe this denim jacket is worth the money.