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Alex Kokhan

Women's denim jacket Demon with a hand-fan

Women's denim jacket Demon with a hand-fan

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M-sized jacket. Sleeve length is 60 cm, height is 52 cm, and the waist width is 44 cm. The item is one of a kind, the only one in the universe. A stylish design inspired by the Japanese demon with the highest level of detail.

This is a medium-level demon, with long and sharp horns and massive tusk-like fangs, that was previously a woman tormented by jealousy fits. A barrette in the front pierces the jacket's pocket, resembling a pierced heart. At least, that was my imaginative thought.

The jacket is an absolute Olympus of design, with outstanding performance that will draw attention to you. A museum exhibit, comparable to high-end couture outfits, but much less expensive.

If you've been looking for a stunning denim jacket, you've undoubtedly found one. A demon with turquoise eyes, rather than blue. The demon's frightening spirit is revealed by the hand fan. The half of the head not covered by the fan resembles a lovely young lady, but the truth is that she has horns. Nonetheless, the entire essence of this mythical monster is revealed in the shape of predatory teeth via the fan that covers the lower portion of the face. And all of this is a denim jacket, not a canvas painting. The fan is constructed of transparent fabric and is embellished with brown branches and golden petals. The demon's hand is likewise depicted in great detail. The denim jacket features a demon woman's magnificent haircut. The hairstyle is held together by a golden hairpin set with emeralds and other hairpins of comparable brilliance. One of these studs pierces the owner's prized denim jacket's pocket at the heart level.

The denim jacket is adorned with elaborate patterns that blend mother-of-pearl turquoise and gold tones, evoking the themes of the demon's hairpin. The themes of the decor are also repeated on the jacket's cuffs and sleeves.

Most likely, you should not spend too much time considering what you may wear this denim jacket with, since people will not pay attention to what you pair it with. After all, the artwork will be the center of attention. However, as you are aware, a denim jacket looks best when worn with jeans. Yet, it is worth considering an additional bright item, such as a flawlessly golden or red handbag; the same can be said for shoes. However, if you have blue eyes and brown hair, you don't need to come up with anything else. This is your jacket. Anything can become morally outmoded or wear out, but this is true to a lesser level with the classic denim jacket, and especially with such a hand-painted and timeless motif of demon duplicity.

The denim jacket is hand-painted with meticulous attention to detail. In terms of meaning and style, all elements are organically interconnected. This denim jacket is distinguished from other factory-made denim jackets by the addition of a hand-painted print. Even without looking closely, it is clear that these clothes took a long time to create. Elements of patterns painted with pearlescent acrylic paint will actively reflect light, creating a fantastic reflection, especially in cloudy weather or at dusk.

Acrylic paints on fabric are thermally fixed and are not affected by outside factors.

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Customer Reviews

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New brand

I'm blown away by how brilliant the artwork appears on this blue denim jacket. If a denim jacket is additionally embellished, it is usually rudimentary street artwork, or scribbles with no meaning. Such instances of painting, it appears, frequently detract from the work. But, this is not the case with this amazing denim jacket. Also, it is obvious that the jacket may be worn; the value is not only in the design, but the jacket is well-tailored and trendy in and of itself. This is a new brand that I've never heard of; it's always exciting to see something fresh and noteworthy emerge.

A treat for the eyes

Denim jacket with sparkly motifs inspired by Japan. I have no issues regarding the design of the jacket, only about the price. Is it feasible to locate something more opulent for the same price? The main thing is to continually strive for perfection. This garment is really stunning once more. I was amazed by our casual jacket search and came here even though I'm not looking to buy denim jackets.

Convincing jacket

Is this a new luxury label? I've never heard of Alex Kokhan. Who is he? What exactly is it? But this denim jacket is incredibly beautiful. It's good to see some new luxury brands emerge, the old ones are already tired, nothing fresh.