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Alex Kokhan

Women's brindle short sleeve t-shirt

Women's brindle short sleeve t-shirt

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S-size women's T-shirt with amusing tigers. T-shirt length is 61 cm, waist width is 49 cm, and sleeves are 20 cm long. T-shirt with tigers and birds perched on tree branches. Acrylic paints are used to hand-paint the T-shirt. The T-task shirt's is to captivate everyone who sees it. I'm confident that this T-shirt will suffice. Of course, your children will be overjoyed, but your girlfriends will be envious. One can only speculate on men's reactions. The T-fabric shirt's is relatively light, and it is, of course, intended to be worn in the summer.

T-shirt with a pattern on the entire front surface that is especially cute and beautiful. Unlike factory printing, handmade allows you to create graphics on the entire surface of the garment.

T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The T-shirt is designed in either Korean or Japanese style. It is, in other words, a folk or naive style. The color palette is moderate, with golden, bronze, and brown hues. The T-shirt will look great with beige pants and gold jewelry.

The T-shirt is most likely not white, but milky or cream. The T-shirt can be worn with and combined with any other type of clothing. The T-shirt style is unrestricted, allowing girls of various body types to choose.

Cats and birds are a prominent topic in women's clothes. These adorable creatures drawn on this naive style t-shirt will delight you. Extremely lovely t-shirt design, which did not provide me with a single persuasive explanation why the decoration should be repeated across the whole surface of the garment. I frequently return to the T-shirt after it has been completed and polish it. Furthermore, not all purchasers prefer it when the image is displayed on the back of the T-shirt. When there is nothing to add or delete from the design of a T-shirt, this is the case.

This T-shirt will look great with any other attire, especially if it is white or gold. Furthermore, a gold-patterned T-shirt excuses gold jewelry. This implies that no one will judge you if you overdo it on the gold. The T-design shirt's even suggests that you have the right to wear more than one or two gold pieces. If you have a golden handbag or shoes, you will look just like these gorgeous tigers. I have no idea what to do with the back of this T-shirt. But I believe that leaving the back intact was the correct decision. Furthermore, lavish additional decor necessitates an increase in price. In this situation, we observe a reasonably priced T-shirt, at least in comparison to the other T-shirts in this store. Of course, all handcrafted goods necessitated certain labor costs, including innovative ones.

Acrylic paints do not need special care, do not fade in the sun, do not wash away, and are not subject to mechanical stress. The T-design shirt's is very different from regular printed T-shirts.

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Customer Reviews

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Cute t-shirt, cute little animals

This one would take first place in a competition for the best summer t-shirt!

T-shirt with adorable tigers

Such gorgeous tigers, especially the little ones, are still captured so well. The T-shirt is pure gold.

Expensive T-shirt

The tee is lightweight and perfect for summer. I was hunting for such a T-shirt on the Internet, and I will instantly make a reservation, but the price is a little steep. This online store contains a number of similar items, including t-shirts with a more saturated pattern, which was a revelation for me in general. Everything in life is relative. Yet, as I've noted, many of the T-shirts here have a pretty outstanding design. This T-shirt features a more neutral design that does not pique the imagination as much as others. I also enjoy it when the drawing is only from the front and the steel areas of the surface are left untouched. Of course, all of the T-shirts I've seen have either an inscription or a small drawing on the breast, and here the entire front surface is occupied. If you wear a jacket, for example, the majority of the design will be hidden. I even spy a handcrafted tag! The T-shirt moved my heart, but the price moved my checkbook.