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Alex Kokhan

Women's blouse tooth fairy

Women's blouse tooth fairy

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S-sized blouse. 54 cm in length, 34 cm in waist. The fabric is 98% viscose and 2% elastane. As you might expect, the T-shirt is stretchy.

Unusual work with many small details and hidden symbols of financial success and well-being 666. Any handmade work carries a charge of positive energy that the author, who worked with all-consuming love, put into it.

The blouse is decorated with blue acrylic paints and has a dressy appearance fit for any occasion.

The value of this creation is that it can be worn under jeans and a blue jacket.

It's a blouse in this example, although the boundary between a blouse and a T-shirt is sometimes very narrow. There may be a distinction in that a blouse is appropriate for a formal evening while a T-shirt is not. Thus, a viscose blouse with elastane added, a stretch blouse. Magical design with ominous undertones. As previously said, the fabric is elastic, which is why the nature of the pattern, which is based on patterns rather than a solid fill of paint, was chosen. Thin lines are the primary approach of drawing design. This fairy is not a good one.

The fact that only a skeleton remained of her demonstrates that she is not a good fairy. The hue of this ominous fairy's dress or skirt illustrates how a blouse might be an excellent choice for an evening or formal affair where males will be dressed in coats. Because of its form-fitting qualities, this formal T-shirt is ideal for wearing with your jacket. If you look closely at the patterns on this strange creature's skirt, you can notice the painted three sixes, indicating that this tooth fairy is not totally from a children's fairy tale. This lovely evening T-shirt will not disappoint, and I hope it will become one of your favorite pieces of apparel in your closet.

The blue color is undeniably the star of this shirt. This truth only requires you to pay attention to your blue-colored items. Although the blouse appears to be formal attire, I dare to say that it will look great with dark blue jeans. If you have other blue apparel or accessories, you are considered lucky. There are blue handbags, shoes, and jackets, for example.

Modest gold elements on the shirt indicate that you can wear gold jewelry; with such a blouse, no one will condemn you even if you wear gold jewelry excessively.

The back of the blouse was left blank, which is unlikely to simplify the design, but you should pay attention to the tag, which is constructed in a similar manner to the blouse. Of course, no one around you will notice the tag, but your creative taste in things will not go unnoticed. As a result, the major benefit of this blouse is precisely in the man-made drawing of an exceptional essence. Individuals enjoy collecting one-of-a-kind items and taking pride in the fact that no one else has anything like it.

The applied paints are eternal, do not wash off, do not fade, and do not lose their appearance.

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Customer Reviews

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Horror blouse

When someone says a shirt is terrifying, they mean it's poorly made, poorly designed, or already worn out. But in this scenario, something very else is taking place... The blouse's design is intended to be frightening. The drawing itself is both frightening and appealing; in my opinion, such a design can be even more beneficial than various pets and flowers. I'd absolutely go for anything like this...

very strange blouse

I discovered this blouse on the Internet and thought it was quite distinctive! Of course, I've seen a lot and seen a lot in my life, but this is beyond my imagination. The most intriguing aspect is that this is a blouse that appears to be suitable for wearing under a jacket to a party. At first glance, it appeared that this shirt was designed expressly for the Halloween party. However, I noticed that the drawing is blue, and this hue seems to me only under a work suit. Yes, this is the scenario when you can surprise your coworkers with your odd tastes!

Mysterious Blouse

The blue design looks fantastic against the black fabric of the blouse.

fantastic blouse

How can the fabric be coloured if it is elastic? Paint is not as malleable as fabric. As the fabric is stretched, will the paint flake off? I won't quarrel with the blouse's appearance.