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Alex Kokhan

Women's blouse deadly butterfly

Women's blouse deadly butterfly

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Blouse, only in size S. 50 cm in length, 47 cm in width at the waist. Sleeves are short. The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is elastic. Handmade acrylic painting, one-of-a-kind design, and attention to detail.

This is what I called it - a deadly butterfly, because it was the first thing that came to mind when it came time to name this piece. Have you noticed that every item in this store has a name?

Officially, this is a blouse, but we can refer to it as both a blouse and a t-shirt. The collar is just below the throat. Not everyone, including the designer, understands what is depicted on the blouse. Is there anything in common between you and a butterfly? I'm not entirely sure. What might it resemble? What was the author trying to say? There are more questions than answers. However, if you enjoy riddles, this blouse is for you. Let's chat about what you can wear under this strange blouse. If you have curly hair or are a blonde, you have a compelling reason to purchase a blouse. If you have a silver handbag with gold clasps, you are also regarded fortunate. The turquoise mother-of-pearl color sticks out on the blouse as well, but these are already subtleties. Blouse permits you to wear as much gold or silver jewelry as you want.

The bottom might be black or white. Black jeans would be ideal. The blouse is more of an evening piece for a special occasion that calls for this work of art. On a hot day, wearing a blouse will be uncomfortable, especially because of the tight fit. But, more importantly, the blouse will raise many questions about the misunderstanding of what is depicted on it; be prepared to answer such questions.

Nothing is written on the back. However, because the main pattern stands out, there is an amazingly contrasting combination of a silver pattern on a black blouse fabric.

An out-of-the-ordinary shirt design suggests to others that you have very unique taste, even if it has never been observed. Many girls love mundane themes like cats and flowers, but everyone does, so go get a lethal butterfly! I'm sure your friends and acquaintances don't have these lethal butterflies in their closets and have never considered the existence of such a reason. A blouse for people who aren't afraid to stand out... You are aware that guys prefer unusual women. 

This blouse looks great beneath a jacket, especially a dark or black jacket.

The image on blouse itself sinks into memory, oh, don't let this dream happen again at night. But, if no jokes, you must admit that this image has an otherworldly quality to it. Examine the patterns on the skull and the finely painted teeth. The wings are pearlescent gold, turquoise, and pink. Although I'm lying, there is another color; however, you must guess where it is and what it is called.

The fabric of blouse is stretchy and of high quality. Acrylic drawing is unlike any other product with a standard factory print, regardless of the technology used or how expensive and modern the equipment is. Ordinary brushes, the right hands, inspiration, and acrylic paints on fabric can do amazing things.

I'd like to make two more points. The first is that I used pearlescent paints, which magically change color depending on the lighting; during the day, they emit one glow, but at dusk, they emit a completely different, warm lamp atmosphere. The second point to mention is the paint's durability, indestructibility, and unpretentiousness. Wear with pleasure and make others jealous.

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Customer Reviews

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How can such a thing come to mind?

How can such a thing come to mind?

Strange taste on blouses

The blouse is strange and out of the ordinary. One can only guess what a skull with wings is. The blouse is relatively frightening; presumably, the designer considered that this something would be worn by a girl!

The blouse is very amazing

An unusual blouse, however it may be lost among the other items in this store. However, the price is not high.