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Alex Kokhan

Women's blouse cow skull

Women's blouse cow skull

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Blouse in XS. 52 cm in length, 44 cm in width at the waist. Sleeves are short. The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is elastic. Ladies' Skull Blouse. Bronze horns, turquoise skull, olive leaves, and white roses. Women's Cow Skull T-Shirt. Brutal and spectacular drawing on fabric with acrylic paints.

By the way, in this work, I discovered the most successful color combination - turquoise metallic and bronze color, which is simply unrivaled. White roses with olive flowers, lightly accented with outlines but bronzed once more. This blouse has horns on the back. Oh, it appears to be a T-shirt, but the label indicates that it is a blouse, the fabric is a little stretchy, and it appears to be a more evening-wear option than a T-shirt, even though it is elegant black.

And you've probably noticed how the horns seem to hug or wrap around your neck like a man's hands.

The skull came out brutal, self-assured, assertive, and resolute. Acrylic paints are not to be confused with regular fabric prints; acrylic always has an unrivaled spectacular appearance. An excellent original handmade should have a rightful place in the wardrobe of a horn connoisseur.

Technically, it is a blouse, but we can refer to it as both a blouse and a T-shirt. The collar is just below the throat. The unusual hues of this blouse, or T-shirt, limit your options for what you can wear it with in regular life. Do you have anything in your closet that is turquoise, copper, or olive? The turquoise color, on the other hand, will look great with light blue or light blue jeans. Bronze horns are an excellent opportunity to wear gold-colored jewelry or just a watch of a similar color. 

This blouse looks great beneath a jacket, especially a dark or black jacket.

If you think about it, the bottom might be either blue or white to complement the flowers. The horns, with their color and circumferential shape, plainly indicate that you can wear gold bracelets or rings, but they can also whisper advice to wear darkish brown trousers. Admittedly, this blouse is not good for wearing during the day in hot weather, but for the evening, a T-shirt is a better option. Furthermore, this one-of-a-kind and particularly elegant T-shirt is intended primarily for a weekend or a special occasion.

The blouse features a combination of violent skull designs and soft florals. The choice of color, notably the mother-of-pearl-turquoise tint of the skull, is the most remarkable aspect. However, despite its unnatural appearance, such a color can be more advantageous and effective than even a golden skull.

Acrylic paints have the highest resistance to external influences of any decorating method. Acrylic painting is visible on your clothes for a kilometer; you can't mistake it for anything else; this is a genuine painting on clothes.

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Customer Reviews

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Alessia Р
New type of blouse

This appears to be a fantastic blouse with a really stylish style. I was browsing online retailers for something fascinating and unique for myself this summer when I happened onto this site. There are a lot of vivid garments here, but what impressed me the most is that this is a living drawing using special paints, not a print on clothes. I had never heard of such clothing and did not believe it was even possible. Of course, I noted one important disadvantage of such clothing, and that is the price. But look at how lovely and vibrant this blouse is! Also, it appears to me that clothes with a conventional print cannot boast such a large print size. If there is a print, it is usually small and only on the chest, and it appears to be unnecessary on clothing. Manufacturers frequently confine themselves to one inscription, such as the name of their brand. And now for something altogether different.

Camilla В
That blouse is terrible

I'm not sure if it's a blouse or a T-shirt, but it's stunning. The key, however, lies in the elegant style of the pattern, which has a turquoise or blue skull with golden horns. Extremely attractive. Also, huge white blossoms show that this is a more feminine thing. The leaves are dark green with golden veins, as I saw.

Awesome blouse with awesome design

The best pattern I've seen on clothes in general, the design is both very simple and eye-catching. It is all the more unusual when something very bright and memorable is worn on a blouse, which is rather intended for official use.