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Alex Kokhan

Women's black short sleeve t-shirt skeleton in winged dress

Women's black short sleeve t-shirt skeleton in winged dress

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The T-shirt features very short sleeves and is only available in size S. 59 cm in length, 43 cm in width at the waist. Further sizing data can be found in the product images. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. Intricate acrylic painting with a skeleton and wings in a traditional manner. The garment is one-of-a-kind; there will never be another like it. The shirt has a bright pattern with lots of intricacies all over it. Acrylic paints should not be confused with other industrial drawing techniques.

The T-shirt has detailed painting with the smallest details and attention to the harmony of design and sophistication. This T-shirt is one of the best models in our store.

Adorable Sleeveless T-Shirt for the Summer. Because the t-shirt is made of cotton and has a very short sleeve, it is a really stylish and lovely t-shirt for the summer. Women Short Sleeve Casual Top. The black color of the T-shirt quickly informs us that this is formal attire, and it indicates going out to a party. Every woman's closet contains both cherished articles of apparel and items that we no longer use but are hesitant to throw away. This T-shirt is one of the best pieces of clothing that we are willing to wear to holes.

When we see expensive clothes, we usually wonder what the author was trying to express. A skeleton in a skirt with arms lifted, if arms raised can be termed hands. Be terrified of me as I fly to you. This creature does not resemble anything in our world; it is something from the creator's imagination world. Blue leaves from the eyes, golden flames from the hands, wings from a non-existent species of butterfly, and an intricately patterned skirt. Imagine yourself wearing a platinum skirt or trousers. The blue color is a subtle touch on this style. In general, blue and gold will enhance your sophisticated and balanced appearance. It's also worth noting that this T-shirt is forgiving with embellishments, whether gold or silver. Please keep in mind that the tag is designed in the same way as the T-shirt design.

The reverse of the T-shirt has no pattern. To be honest, I couldn't think of anything applicable in this circumstance. The T-shirt appears to be a finished item with an empty back. Furthermore, the empty back of the T-shirt is an excuse not to overcharge.

This is a black T-shirt with very short sleeves that has been meticulously designed and color-coordinated. Subtle elements in the artwork will leave no doubt that this is a work of art and not just a T-shirt, garments that stand out from the crowd. The fabric of the T-shirt is rather substantial, but this does not preclude you from wearing it during the hot summer months. Since the t-shirt does not have sleeves. The T-shirt is the culmination of many ideological decisions and a lot of hard effort. As always, the goal of this T-shirt was to produce something truly unique, beautiful, and memorable.

The T-shirt will stand out from the rest of your clothing. I'll repeat it again: you'll stand out in any society or just on the city streets. Because of the painting's color scheme, you can wear this T-shirt with any apparel of any color.

This T-shirt is an example of "slow fashion" rather than "rapid fashion" in this meaning. Fast fashion refers to apparel that makes its way from the designer's idea or imagination to the shelves of stores in less than two weeks. However, by definition, such things wear out quickly. There's a chance that this one-of-a-kind t-shirt, which required manual creative effort as well, will outlast its non-custom created relatives in your closet. 

Quick fashion also expects that the item would be worn fast, only a few times, and then discarded. One T-shirt requires a lot of resources; for example, 2500 L of water are used to grow the cotton for this T-shirt. For the sake of preserving the earth's environment, one valuable T-shirt is preferable to a thousand ordinary ones that he will not appreciate.

Acrylic paints on fabrics are indestructible, as they are not affected by external elements such as washing, mechanical tension, or fading caused by sunshine. Cotton with a high density. The shirt is extremely soft and comfortable to wear.

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Choosing a T-shirt is difficult

Because of the man-made patterns that must have taken a long time to create, the T-shirt appears to be highly fashionable, even haute couture. I've never seen such a unique approach to designing T-shirts and clothing in general. For me, this online business has been a revelation. You want to buy everything here all at once, but you're not sure what to choose. Costs are a touch excessive, so even if you're desperate, you can leave without purchasing a T-shirt. But I remember this address and this brand and will return; I'm just interested what's new here.

Cool T-shirt

I came saw this really interesting T-shirt on the Internet and wondered who made it. This is the first time I've heard of such a clothes company. This T-shirt wowed me with its intriguing design of a mystery monster. But now I know that not all T-shirts are made of 100% cotton. The site makes no explicit claim that the T-shirt is made entirely of cotton. But, while the use of synthetics is typically associated with hoodies and sweatshirts, I've just discovered that makers of plain T-shirts are also affected. Of course, I'd prefer 100 percent cotton!

Kind t-shirt

T-shirt with a greeting, however the greeting appears to be venomous, which adds to the charm. I was quite impressed when I spotted this t-shirt on the Internet. It's a tad costly, but the t-shirt is worth it. Because there are minor patterns visible, I believe they were created by hand.

Mystical T-shirt

My mind was blown by the graphic on the t-shirt.