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Alex Kokhan

Women's animal and and floral decor print sweatshirt

Women's animal and and floral decor print sweatshirt

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Women's black sweatshirt with half-length denim sleeves and hand-painted leopard flowers and foliage. Sweater for ladies in size S, sweatshirt length 56 cm, waist width 52 cm, sleeve length 34 cm, sweatshirt length from cuff to neck 53 cm.

The sweatshirt has a reasonable color scheme of beige colors, gold, bronze, yellow ochre, brown, silver, white, and pearly dark gray, and olive color was utilized to envision the animal's foliage and eyes. In general, just tranquil hues speak for themselves, with no unnecessary descriptive expressions of adoration for this sweatshirt's unusual design.

Graphic sweater with a modern twist. Nothing better than a floral pattern with flowers and leaves has been invented by mankind. This T-shirt comes in a variety of relaxing colors. This denim sweatshirt has a design on both sides.

The most stylish graphic sweatshirt. The print is done by hand using acrylic paints on fabric and then heat-fixed, ensuring the sweatshirt's long-term use without losing the brightness and integrity of the designs. The sweatshirt is distinguished by the simultaneous usage of leopard and floral designs. The floral pattern's hues completely replicate the gamut of leopard colors.

Sweatshirt with denim sleeves, as you can see, the product is especially unique owing to its tailoring, which blends different fabrics. The sweatshirt is richly decorated, with the primary design in the form of a cute small animal on the front side and a dense decor in the form of flowers throughout the region. The color variety of the sweatshirt decor is astounding, and all of the hues are tranquil, despite having a glossy sheen. Color matching is a well-thought-out design. The final design, like many other projects here, emerged through a period of hesitation and reflection. The sweatshirt's design was revised numerous times until the final result, which you see in all its grandeur, surfaced. Several little elements, like as flowers and animal skin coloration, may be found on the sweatshirt. Besides from photographs, a video is also available for this remarkable sweater.

This sweatshirt offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to mix and match your clothes in a variety of ways. It's difficult to fathom what this sweatshirt won't go with, thanks to the huge variety of hues available, all of which are subtle and unobtrusive. Any search for jewels is successfully forgiven by the sweatshirt. Silver and gold jewelry are both acceptable. Naturally, any black clothing, jeans, or pants would suffice, but you can also discuss brown or light trousers. And imagine if you have green eyes, because the sweatshirt only shows your copy, a tiger, lion, leopard, I'm not sure what happened, but the animal has green eyes.

There will be a truly beautiful outfit or a bottom with a floral pattern. After all, many fashionable women wear a floral bottom.

The sweatshirt's sleeves are constructed of jeans; I'm sure you have similar jeans; it'd be interesting to see how it ended out in a similar outcome.

This sweatshirt is made of high-quality cotton. The sweatshirt does not require special care, and the colors do not fade in the sun, wash out, or become subject to mechanical stress. The sweater is really durable.

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Customer Reviews

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Unusual and beautiful sweatshirt

On the Internet, I discovered this beautiful hoodie and learnt a lot about these things. This garment is just stunning. The sweatshirt also has jeans sleeves, but the point isn't even the unique sleeves, but that it's all done by hand with special paints on cloth. But, the main issue with this strategy, in my opinion, is the excessive price of the sweatshirt at the exit. The sweatshirt's design is incredibly detailed; normally, if there is a pattern on a sweatshirt, it is utterly minimal and positioned in front of the chest, but here, the entire surface of the sweatshirt is covered with patterns, with the primary pattern in the shape of a tiger. I see that the makers did not skimp on the colors or the time it took to construct this marvel. And this isn't the only sweatshirt in this style. Each garment has a unique design. Furthermore, everything here is made with a sense of style. What tells you that this is an exclusive brand? The prices on this website surely do!

Wonderful ethnic sweatshirt

Because of its uniqueness, the sweatshirt's stunning floral design caught my attention. I've never seen a performance of national ethnic elements like this before. National ethnic apparel is pretty conservative in my opinion, however this example of an ethnic-style sweatshirt alters my mind.

Thanks for the design!

A hilarious sweatshirt in a range of colors. I haven't seen anything more distinctive in terms of apparel in a long time. Saturated design, fascinating sleeves in the form of tattered jeans.