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Alex Kokhan

Silver Leopard Black Short Sleeve Women's T-shirt

Silver Leopard Black Short Sleeve Women's T-shirt

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Women's short sleeve black hand-painted finest t-shirt in size XS, 71 cm length, 49 cm waist width, 11 cm sleeve length, 26 cm cuff to neck length. T-shirt design for a lady featuring a leopard and a bird perched on a tree. The huge green eyes of the leopard are the first thing we notice; the eyes are more of an olive color with gold and black contour lines, emphasizing the high detailing of the entire design of this exceptional Fancy T-shirt.

The leopard appears angry, amusing, and charismatic all at once. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The pattern is constructed in the traditional Korean method, with the tree meticulously traced down to the last detail on the back.

The tree's foliage resembles the design of a leopard's eyes, emitting olive, black, and gold hues.

You've definitely noticed that the golden color dominates our clothes collection. This aesthetic luxury can become monotonous with time, so here's an option to the silver leopard pattern.

T-shirts for women that are oversized. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Sleeveless T-shirt is adorable. T-shirt with an eye-catching pattern. The greatest design elevates this T-shirt to the top of the best outfits list. Crew neck, relaxed fit. Despite its modest size, this T-shirt offers a comfortable fit. This is a trendy and unique summer T-shirt in black with a big gold handmade pattern. Graphic for Women Casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

Just pay attention to the photo where there is a dimensional description of this T-shirt before purchase. You will most likely use the T-shirt as a weekend attire, for exceptionally solemn and unofficial gatherings. The t-shirt is appropriate for work, a date, or any other occasion. Because the paints are not subjected to any aging or wear processes, the T-shirt can be worn every day. We prefer casual clothes, although they are usually not particularly attractive. Even in ordinary life, we desire to stand out from the crowd. This fantastic fantasy t-shirt is the ideal choice for making this dream a reality.

The silver and gold colors dominate the design of this black T-shirt. Much has been written about how lovely this T-shirt is, owing mostly to the lovely floral design, but it is also worth emphasizing the potential for pairing it with other items from your closet. We're talking about jewelry here, not clothes, and silver jewelry in particular. If you enjoy gold or silver jewelry, this T-shirt will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Furthermore, the T-shirt easily excuses or justifies busting out with decorations. In this situation, it may even indicate that the more jewelry you own, the better. When it comes to clothing, the T-shirt looks great with both black and light-colored pants or jeans. Ideal for a silver bag. And any further black and silver combo will be just right, and everyone around you will notice your aesthetic taste and aptitude for dressing stylishly.

This T-shirt may assist to conserve the environment in some way; after all, we frequently buy a lot of garments and never wear them. We simply discard nearly new garments that have been worn barely a few times. A stunning uncommon handmade pattern might compel the owner to take care of the item and use it more and for a longer period of time. More expensive goods can make you look at cheap things differently, implying that an excess of needless cheap garments is negative. A typical T-shirt requires a considerable number of resources, which deplete our land, contribute to climate change, and have other negative impacts.

The t-style shirt's is universal, allowing it to be used with nearly any pants, jeans, skirt, or handbag.

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Customer Reviews

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Best T-shirt

This brand is filled with tigers and leopards, most of them are gold in color, but this T-shirt with a silver pattern, the leopard is silver, and it appeared to me to be even more beautiful than its golden siblings! The T-shirt appeared cool to me, and the handcrafted tag is something you won't find anyplace else. The foliage of the woods highlights the little animal's intriguing eyes!


What is the fabric composition of this T-shirt? Cotton is mentioned, but can you be more specific?

Thank you for your inquiry. This t-shirt is made of 100% cotton, as are all of the other t-shirts in our store, at least as of today. The fabric is indicated on the product website's label. If the garments are not completely compatible with the label, it is stated right at the start of the description that there is a minor addition, such as polyester or elastane.

Beautiful t-shirt with a muzzle of a leopard

I rarely like things, and this has only happened a few times in my life. Of course, I typically buy things I don't like, but rare events in my life stick with me, and this T-shirt is one of them.