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Alex Kokhan

Men's short sleeve t-shirt striped cat

Men's short sleeve t-shirt striped cat

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Men's short-sleeve t-shirt with hand-painted design. Size L. T-shirt length is 74 cm, waist width is 53 cm, and sleeves are 17 cm long. Cotton only. The T-shirt has a unique pattern that will delight everyone. Acrylic paints have a distinct style and texture that distinguishes them from factory-made items. Acrylic paints do not need particular maintenance, do not fade in the sun, and do not wash away.

Men's white short sleeve T-shirt with a stunning cat motif with flowers and spirals. The T-shirt looks great in the colors white, black, and turquoise blue. A lovely illustration of a hilarious and aggressive cat will certainly pleasure your loved ones, wife or girlfriend, and children will be delighted. Take note of the huge size T-shirt, which is appropriate for a large guy but can also serve as an oversize for a person of a smaller build or even a lady. The T-shirt effectively depicts a cat's muzzle, eyes, and teeth. Spherical designs are drawn all over the reverse side of the T-shirt.

In the midst of decision, the T-shirt design was developed. After the cat was finished, the thought struck me to add spiral patterns to the full surface of the T-shirt. Many people have questions regarding the design's color scheme. The major goal, like with previous initiatives, was to make flawlessly attractive garments. When it comes to men's apparel, I rarely have the task of making a very great t-shirt, but this time it just happened. As you can see, a cat on a men's T-shirt is not the ideal decision, except that a woman would choose to buy this T-shirt for herself. Because there are currently lots of women's models in this online store, the color palette was purposefully limited so that guys would want this T-shirt in the first place. I hope the finished T-shirt design isn't too sweet; the scary appearance of a growling cat is confirmation of this. I wouldn't say this T-shirt is the greatest in the entire assortment of men's tops, but it is certainly among the best in its class. You may verify this by seeing extensive images and videos.

Maybe you have the most elegant and fashionable men's T-shirt in our store. If we are in a store, a white T-shirt is frequently regarded the easiest option. And we'll definitely go for a colorful T-shirt because it's more aesthetically appealing, because it has color. Nevertheless, when some design appears on a white T-shirt, a piece of white fabric is completely transformed. Of course, white clothes will lose to black, but only somewhat. T-shirt for men with turquoise or blue flowers, the owner is unlikely to combine these colors with other articles of clothing, unless the T-shirt owner is a woman. The T-shirt, on the other hand, goes well with black or light blue trousers. It should be noted that the spiral pattern is employed in hypnosis; one can only hope that this T-shirt will catch everyone's attention on the street not because of a hypnotic effect, but simply because it is uncommon and lovely.

Photographs of clothes are thought to be more important than spoken descriptions on the pages of internet businesses. Of all, seeing what the clothing seem like is more significant than reading about them; there is no important technical information there, just a piece of cloth. However, when a T-shirt is written directly by its creator, the situation is entirely different. It's similar to what the author of the image intended to show, and there is such a profession - art critics. Isn't that what I meant to convey with this T-shirt?

Excellent T-shirt, without a doubt the greatest. Despite the cat theme, this is a men's T-shirt, as evidenced by the stinginess with which the paint colors were chosen. Even though there are turquoise and pink colors, this appears to be a black and white T-shirt at first glance. If you're wondering what to put underneath this T-shirt, the first thing that comes to mind is blue jeans to complement the mother-of-pearl turquoise color. Because the T-shirt is white with a black pattern of a cat and patterns, the trousers or jeans can be dark or light.

A silver watch with a black strap will look great together; possibly the face of your watch is blue, but these are already prohibitively subtle fashion touches. If you're wondering why there's such meticulous attention to style and color combinations, the answer is that the shirt is very stylish overall; even the tag is hand-drawn and repeats the overall style.

The t-shirt is the ideal gift or purchase for your spouse or boyfriend on Halloween, Valentine's Day, Easter, Father's Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, and Christmas.

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Customer Reviews

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Not a common t-shirt design

T-shirt with a cat that is both cute and elegant. For men, they frequently manufacture t-shirts that are unpleasant to look at, I mean the picture design. Some horrors, some banalities, and all types of foolish phrases are very irritating! This t-shirt is unique! Vibrant and fashionable!

Everything is out of the ordinary!

A one-of-a-kind web store. Everyone is unique in their own way. I'm not even talking about clothes here, but rather about life in general. Even the photo's aesthetic is absolutely different. I've never seen clothes presented in this way before in terms of visualization. This t-shirt gets five stars from me.

Best T-shirt

Very lovely T-shirt, but the most surprising thing about it is that it is for men; yet, I believe it can equally be worn as an oversize by a lady. The design is quite cute, and you can tell that the t-shirt was made with care. This holds true for all products from this brand. As far as I can tell, each product here is created in a single version and has its own distinct design. This t-shirt was my favorite among men's t-shirts. Maybe I'm just a woman who prefers cats to all manner of evils. I wish you'd manufacture more of these tees than scary tees!