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Alex Kokhan

Men's short sleeve t-shirt Scary Elk

Men's short sleeve t-shirt Scary Elk

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Men's hand-painted acrylic T-shirt "Scary Elk," size M, sleeve 17 cm, length 74 cm, waist width 49 cm. Cotton only.

The T-shirt is one-of-a-kind; there is nothing else like it. A true horror and nightmare art house. The drawing is done in monochrome, using only black and white acrylic paints on fabric.

This T-pattern shirt's is unique and unexpected. Passers-by on the street will almost certainly try to peep into the design of the image or, more broadly, the meaning of this image. But, in the end, even I don't understand what's written on the T-shirt. The T-shirt is intended for the serious art aficionado who appreciates the odd. I returned to the T-shirt several times to paint details, making the work more subtle. Black streaks pour from the horns, the animal's legs are coated with dirt, and the deer's muzzle resembles a skull. The t-shirt, with only white and black colors, evokes something mystical and enigmatic. The T-shirt tag is drawn in the same way as the rest of the image. The drawing entirely covers the front surface of the T-shirt, indicating that this is not a print, but a drawing created by the artist's hand. You may be certain that no one else has anything like it for any price.

This is simply incredible work. The key question is sometimes not how it is drawn, but what it is. The most intriguing aspect is that it is unclear what is portrayed on this excellent t-shirt for a sophisticated man. Everyone you meet on the street will most likely stare carefully at the design on your T-shirt, perplexed as to what it is. The owner of this mysterious article of apparel must become accustomed to the fact that this will occur on a regular basis. Your buddies will undoubtedly begin discussing this buy of yours when they meet with you. It will be an unusual occurrence for guys to discuss clothing at all. Women, on the other hand, can start talking about clothes that do not deserve to be discussed at all. What is the point of debating a T-shirt or other piece of apparel made of standard fabric when there are billions of comparable items in the world that are virtually identical?

Many images clearly show what this t-shirt is, and the description of the t-shirt is reinforced with a video. Pay attention to the specified size parameters in length and width to understand how the T-shirt fits you in size; the size metric is also shown in one of the photographs. If the buyer is a man, and as far as I know, not every man wears red clothing. This refers to the fact that a T-shirt is a good cause to stock up on red clothing. Of course, ladies buy a lot of men's clothing, but in this case, the pattern will smooth out the red color of the T-shirt, which is inappropriate for many males. The T-shirt itself appears cruel, if not courageous.

T-shirt composed of thin cotton, perfect for hot summer days. I'm sure the buyer of this T-shirt has plenty of simple ones with or without a design, but this option feels more like a painting than clothing. Perhaps this simple T-shirt is viewed as something inspired rather than clothing. Please keep in mind that each piece of clothing has its own title or name. I'm also certain that even if this T-shirt wears out and rubs in the armpits, it would be a shame to throw it away.

This is the greatest red or even burgundy men's T-shirt with a handcrafted print, but it has the worst appearance. A truly terrifying drawing for fans of the strange, enigmatic, and unfathomable.

The drawing's incomprehensibility stems from the fact that it is not totally evident what is portrayed. Again, the design is created on a huge t-shirt and is exactly scaled across the full surface; this is extremely difficult to achieve with a standard print, which is actually limited to A3 format. Nice T-shirt despite the restricted number of colors utilized, but as you can see, even the tag is handcrafted and fits in with the overall horror theme of the design.

The T-shirt is manly, and it is difficult to write about what it may be matched with and give such advise in this situation. But the main point is that the T-shirt is most likely not red, but another color. Not all men choose red in their clothing. White and black colors indicate that black jeans should be worn initially. White and black signify that you can wear a silver watch with a black strap, for example.

Men's red or burgundy short sleeve T-shirt with a terrifying pattern - a scary elk with a skull and antlers. During holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, July 4th, New Year's Eve, Easter, and even Father's Day, the T-shirt is an excellent gift for a male. The t-shirt is really attractive and stylish, making it the ideal gift for a fashionable man. Arthouse style will highlight your individuality and amazing taste as a bohemian thinker.

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Customer Reviews

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Lightweight T-shirt with a heavy design

It's unexpected that such a pattern was given to a light T-shirt for the summer. Of course, there are a lot of coats and sweatshirts in this online store, but I also observed a lot of T-shirts with interesting designs, the important thing being very thorough in execution. I liked this T-shirt since it was unusual.

King of horror t-shirts

I stared for a long time, unable to comprehend what was painted. The T-design shirt's is unclear, yet this is what makes it appealing. Something awful has happened. I've seen t-shirt designers attempt to create something terrifying and compete in it. However, the effect is realized in the case of this T-shirt. If you prefer horror t-shirts, this is the one to get.

T-shirt with horns

The T-shirt represents me arriving home from work without having earned it. Other from that, the drawing is quite nice. The most important thing is unintelligible. If dirt can be made to look appealing, this is it.