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Alex Kokhan

Men's short sleeve t-shirt horror

Men's short sleeve t-shirt horror

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T-shirts for men are extremely appealing. Hand-painted with acrylic white paint on fabric on an S-size t-shirt. The length is 68cm, and the breadth at the waist is 46cm.

Superb and one-of-a-kind work; also, this is a rare instance in which I drew on men's clothing. Sizing variations are also available in the photographs. Please keep in mind that size S. A magnificent drawing in white matt acrylic paint that will stay with you for a long time. Passers-by on the street will most likely stare at you, because encountering anything like this is unusual even in our time.

Each T-shirt in our online store has its own backstory. Each t-shirt is a separate endeavor, a concept that came to the creator's thoughts. I once heard that a buyer always wants to be an accomplice to a business or product. In the case of printed t-shirts, the customer wants to know how the t-shirt looked at various phases of production. Regrettably, it appears to me that photographing incomplete T-shirts is uninteresting. The same holds true for the video depicting the process of making a T-shirt. Yet, I believe it my responsibility to discuss each piece of apparel.

In the case of this T-shirt, I wanted to produce something truly frightening and memorable, a picture that would stick with me. I hope that if you see this T-shirt, even in a picture on the Internet, it does not appear in your nightmares. In addition, I wanted to build a T-shirt with the fewest colors possible, which I think worked out because you only see white and black here. The T-shirt makes it evident that this is a hand-painted design rather than a standard factory print. The color combination is fantastic; nothing is more striking than the combination of black and white, except maybe the combination of black and gold. The T-shirt is both cruel and courageous. Naturally, with such a pattern, I didn't want to draw anything else on the back; flowers would be out of place, as would bones and skulls; however, you may have your own thoughts in your head in this regard. Today, clothing producers have created such a wide range of styles in casual wear that it appears that no pattern or color of a T-shirt can catch the attention of a pampered passer-by on the street. Nonetheless, this T-shirt may be the last exception to the norm, and you will still be seen; plan accordingly.

The T-shirt is really unforgettable; viewing it once will leave this horrible image in your memory for a long time. Crooked teeth, a deformed mouth, and watery eyes. Everything is painted entirely in white, with a touch of black thrown in for good measure. The black and white color scheme suggests that you can wear and combine this fantastic t-shirt with any outfit. The T-shirt is lightweight and comfortable to wear in the summer, especially on hot days. This T-shirt is for the well-dressed man. The biggest advantage is that it is extremely unusual, since it is the only T-shirt in the world with such a graphic design. The artist's hand is evident from a distance, but there is no reason to confuse it with a standard print. The t-shirt tag is designed in a similar manner. There is no question that the T-shirt will astonish and captivate everyone around you, and it will personally work for you for a very long time.

This t-shirt should not be worn to any official events, but no one wears t-shirts to official events. But in other circumstances of life, you can brag and surprise friends and acquaintances with success. The face sketch appears to communicate both dread and astonishment at the same moment. This black men's T-shirt is an excellent gift not just for Halloween, but also as a thematic attention or sign that can be given as a moralizing gift. Furthermore, this t-shirt is the hottest new item for any current teen.

This is the best black men's T-shirt with a handcrafted print, but it has the worst appearance. I believe males would prefer this T-shirt model since the image design is incredibly savage and unique; your buddies will not have anything like it. T-shirt for true originals and collectors of the strange. For a man who knows what he wants to look like. With a T-shirt, you can wear either black or light-colored bottoms with equal success; black jeans are the ideal choice here. The T-shirt looks great with silver and black jewelry, and it also goes well with watches in black and silver designs, such as a silver watch with a black leather strap.

Excellent effort. This is the most bizarre work to date. I utilized a limited palette of colors, yet the outcome is obvious to the naked eye. For ages, people have painted without fear of washing, sunlight, or mechanical stress. A T-shirt can leak over time; unlike acrylic, the fabric is not indestructible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very impressive t-shirt

I'm not a fan of this look, but this t-shirt caught my eye!

Your reflection of wonder

Fantastic T-shirt. Perhaps on the T-shirt is a mirror in which you see your reflection when you gaze at it with a surprised expression on your face!

The best horror t-shirt

The finest horror tee. The t-shirt is lovely and modest. All I've seen up to this point is a crude banality that, given what I've seen, would be a disgrace to wear. It's just that what I'm seeing is top-tier arthouse. It's a shame the pricing is higher than that of a standard printed T-shirt.

Excellent face expression

I've never seen a more impressive T-shirt! At the very least, the photo is stunning! The nose, mouth, teeth, and eyes! It is clear that it is a drawing rather than a print. But it was drawn clumsily, but it has a certain charm about it. Create more of these tees! Others around you will be staring at you in this T-shirt with the same expression.