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Alex Kokhan

Men's short sleeve t-shirt demon

Men's short sleeve t-shirt demon

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Men's hand-painted T-shirt, size L, sleeve 18 cm, length 72 cm, waist 50 cm. Cotton only. Only the silver and some red paint will be visible at dusk. In bright light, the complete design becomes visible. That's all there is to the magic. 

The color mix on the t-shirt is fantastic. The T-shirt itself is red, or more precisely, Burgundy. A black demon's shadow with a red tongue and silvery eyes with teeth. The most difficult aspect of designing this t-shirt was depicting drool splashes in a natural way that would be apparent at twilight. I couldn't think of anything else to add to the design of this T-shirt no matter how hard I tried, so I settled for drawing on the front. As a result, this T-shirt can be classified as a low-cost choice. T-shirt composed of medium-density cloth, perhaps thin, a T-shirt for the summer. Hand coloring allows you to use as much as you want. You can use as much of the T-shirt as you wish when hand coloring. Please keep in mind that the T-shirt is quite huge, as is the drawing. This drawing was clearly done by hand with a brush. T-shirt prints are often limited to A3 size, whereas hand-painted designs have no such limitations. You've undoubtedly observed that the T-shirt is enormous, and the print of the photo relative to the T-shirt is little, and it appears odd and out of place. This t-shirt is a perfect example of total surface filling, even though there is no further decoration on the t-shirt.

This T-shirt is described as red, men's, and large. It would be redundant to remark that the T-shirt goes well with any other red or red-colored clothes or accessories. In truth, not every man has at least one piece of red clothes in his closet. But if there is suddenly one, I dare to predict it will be a good mix. Guys rarely try to coordinate clothes by color, and it's hard to disagree with that. Women, on the other hand, prefer T-shirts or other decorated and attractive clothes.

Almost usually, whether it's a T-shirt, a denim jacket, or a sweatshirt, there should be a complex decor that fills in the spaces in addition to the main design. In the instance of this T-shirt, I felt there would be enough of the design that you currently see on your screens. All of this stems from a desire to enhance the situation; at first, it appears that everything went well, but the next day, it appears that it could have been better. This second glance at the T-shirt makes me want to add something else to the composition. But there are times when nothing else comes to mind, as was the case with this T-shirt replica. In this situation, this is a positive thing, because the t-shirt itself turned out to be inexpensive, not expensive, because extra efforts result in a rise in cost.

The greatest printed T-shirt for men. If you're seeking for a T-shirt with a pattern, this copy is for you. The benefits of this T-shirt include its capacity to be worn in hot temperatures in the summer and its thin fabric, which is 100% cotton. The color is vivid, not red, but dark crimson, technically burgundy, so if you have preconceived notions about red in a man's wardrobe, don't worry, this T-shirt isn't red. The handmade pattern allows you to scale across the whole surface of the T-shirt, regardless of size; this is a significant departure from the typical factory print, which is frequently confined to A3 format.

The drawing in this scenario is at least double the size of this A3 format. According to our criteria, the t-shirt is fashionable and minimalistic; the pattern is just on the front, but everything is in harmony; even the t-shirt tag is hand-drawn and symbolizes a single aesthetic solution with a demon design. The tag is drawn from the inside of the T-shirt, so it is natural that it may be seen from the back, but this adds to the appeal of this, shall we say, work of art.

The T-shortcoming shirt's is also its advantage; a large and obvious design will draw everyone's attention, and the soft surface of the dyed fabric will be felt to the touch; nevertheless, there is only one layer of paint on the T-shirt, which does not cause any discomfort during operation. The painting itself is conventional, despite its brightness; no one will bother you with questions about what you have drawn there.

The T-shirt is very brilliant. It is not a cheap print. The pattern is not affected by washing or mechanical stress, and it does not fade.

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Red T-shirt

I've seen something similar, but this T-shirt is outstanding. Design is intriguing. T-shirt with a nice hue. Even the tag is designed in the style of the image.

Drooling T-shirt

What is this, a drooling T-shirt? Interesting style