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Alex Kokhan

Short Sleeve Leopard Black Women's T-shirt

Short Sleeve Leopard Black Women's T-shirt

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Size S, short sleeve black hand-painted best women's t-shirt, t-shirt length 72 cm, waist width 50 cm, sleeve length 12 cm, length from cuff to neckline 28 cm. The leopard and the bird both appear to be quite amusing. T-shirt that is both funny and cool. The tree branches and leaves have been meticulously embellished with many beautiful elements. The fancy design will set the owner of this T-shirt out from regular folks on the street. Women's black leopard shirt. Shirt in black with cheetah sleeves. Do you wish to wear leopard print clothing? It's breathtaking. This T-shirt is not simply a leopard; it is a leopard, yet no animals were hurt.

Handcrafted T-shirts are created with great care and attention to detail. When bronze and silver acrylic paints are utilized on the background of a black T-shirt made of high-density and high-quality cotton, the design is incredibly expressive and contrasted. Despite the huge size of the painting surface, the paint itself is pleasant to the touch.

T-shirts for women that are oversized. T-shirt for women that is stylish. Crew neck, relaxed fit. Despite its modest size, this T-shirt offers a comfortable fit. Graphic for Women Casual Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Just pay attention to the photo where there is a dimensional description of this T-shirt before purchase.

Despite the dark hue and vast pattern, this T-shirt will be comfortable even in relatively hot summer temperatures due to the loose fit. In addition, the sleeves are really short. A loose-fitting T-shirt has additional advantages. This t-shirt allows the designer greater creative latitude, but it is also more difficult to wear if you value unique works.

The T-shirt features a comprehensive design that claims to be one of the greatest. The t-shirt will be popular.The t-shirt is unique and manufactured in a single edition, so it will appeal to both adults and children. Nothing like it will ever be seen again.

Because the drawing is done on fabric with bronze and dark silver acrylic paint, this is a very beautiful black women's t-shirt. This t-shirt allows the owner to wear gold or silver jewelry, which will be a significant complement to the ensemble. Gold jewelry looks best with black t-shirts, especially if they are decorated with gold. However, the same can be said about color combinations in general. We are sometimes plagued by the dilemma of whether we have worn too much jewelry. But, no matter how much jewelry you wear, this T-shirt is an excuse to do so. Because bronze is more contrasting than gold in relation to silver, choosing a bronze color is more advantageous in terms of simultaneous combination with silver, at least for ordinary fabric paints. 

The hand-painted image allows you to completely utilize the area of the T-shirt. In this scenario, the drawing is double the size of an A3 format, which is typically the largest size for a conventional factory print. The artist's inventiveness allows him to scale any fantasy suitable for huge t-shirts. Because white and dark beige are always present in every fashionista's closet, a stylish t-shirt with a silver-bronze pattern opens up a large field for matching clothing and accessories.

The T-shirt looks great with other black items of clothing, it will probably look good with beige or brown pants, and it goes wonderfully with standard black jeans. You must have a brown leather purse, or even a black bag with gold clasps. Brown shoes are also appropriate.

The best summer t-shirt for women with silver and bonz embellishments. These hues are contrasted; bronze is darker than gold. Imagine a watch with a silvery gold design, with a leather or metal strap, the essential thing is to enter into a combination of gold and silver, and such a color combination is quite popular with jewelers or watchmakers.

This T-shirt is priced because of its one-of-a-kind handmade pattern. It has been suggested that cultivating cotton for this or a comparable T-shirt consumes 2,500 liters of water on average. The land becomes saline and less fruitful as a result of huge amounts of fluids, and it also suffers from pesticides. Excessive garment manufacture in general has a far higher negative influence on the earth's ecology than, say, cattle rearing and meat production. Buy one valuable T-shirt rather than a thousand T-shirts that you wear a few times and then throw away in order to buy a new one in a different color. 

The T-shirt does not require special maintenance, and the paint does not fade with time. Of course, the fabric of the T-shirt will wear out over time, but the locations where the design is placed will not.

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Customer Reviews

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Nice t-shirt but too many colors

Saturated pattern for a T-shirt, however it appears to be overly painted; this extends to all garments at this online store in general. Thus I understand that the designer has no qualms with the hues. In reality, this is the first time I've seen such a collection of outfits, as well as a similar approach in general.

Funny muzzle on a t-shirt

Leopard print fashion t-shirt, yet unlike similar products, it is handcrafted.