Children's room in art deco style, black kids room

Children's room in art deco style, black kids room

I know this will surprise you. Children's room in art deco, imagine a children's room in a gothic style! Children's room in completely black color. Have psychologists proven that a black room will depress a child?

Typically a dark room will only have one black wall as an accent.
So, the main misconceptions about black in the interior. The smaller the room and the less well developed it is, the less black will suit it. Black absorbs space about color, black absorbs solar radiation, or rather heat from the sun's rays, but this moment is absolute truth. Therefore, black color can only be applied in doses. In the kitchen, black color takes away your children's appetite. Perhaps this also applies to adults. If you are overweight, have an insatiable appetite, you cannot lose weight, you are constantly hungry, then try a black interior for the kitchen or dining room. Black is the only color unacceptable for decorating children's bedrooms.

Have you ever seen a black children's room? Only in Tim Burton films. Try Googling black baby room and you will see hundreds of graphic photos of the baby crib and room walls being black. I have never seen any conclusions from doctors or psychiatrists that a black children’s room can somehow affect the child’s appetite or psyche. If your house has adjacent rooms, one in black and the other white, then if you look from the white room to the black one, the black one will seem better to you, and on the contrary, the white room will seem like a better solution than the black one. Black color focuses the observer's attention on what is inside the interior. In a light or white interior, you and the interior items will get lost and dissolve, but a black interior will not allow you to get lost in it.

Decorating a children’s room in the Art Deco style can create a space that is both sophisticated and playful. Art Deco, known for its bold geometry, luxurious materials, and opulent colors, can be adapted to suit a child's room by focusing on key design elements while ensuring the space remains functional and fun. Here are some features of decorating a children's room in the Art Deco style, with a focus on using black and gold colors:

Color Scheme
- Primary Colors: Black and gold are quintessential Art Deco colors. Black provides a strong, dramatic base, while gold adds a touch of glamour and luxury.
- Accents: Incorporate additional colors like white, cream, and metallic shades to balance the boldness of black and gold.

- Paint: Use black as an accent color rather than the primary wall color to avoid making the room feel too dark. A feature wall in black, perhaps with gold geometric patterns or decals, can create a stunning focal point.
- Wallpaper: Opt for Art Deco-inspired wallpaper with geometric patterns, sunbursts, or stylized floral motifs in black, gold, and metallic shades.
- Murals: Consider a mural that combines Art Deco patterns with playful elements, like stylized animals or vehicles, to keep the space child-friendly.

- Beds: Choose a bed with clean lines and elegant detailing. A black bed frame with gold accents can be both stylish and appropriate for a child's room.
- Dressers and Nightstands: Look for furniture pieces with Art Deco characteristics, such as mirrored surfaces, inlaid wood, or metallic details. Black lacquered furniture with gold hardware can enhance the theme.
- Desks and Chairs: Select a desk with a sleek, streamlined design. Pair it with a chair that has gold or brass legs and a comfortable, upholstered seat in a complementary color.

- Bedding: Use black and gold bedding with Art Deco patterns like zigzags, chevrons, or geometric shapes. Add pillows and throws in coordinating colors to create a cohesive look.
- Curtains: Choose luxurious fabrics like velvet or silk in black or gold. Curtains with Art Deco-inspired patterns or metallic threads can add an elegant touch.
- Rugs: A rug with a bold Art Deco design in black, gold, and white can anchor the room and add warmth and texture.

- Chandeliers and Pendants: Choose lighting fixtures with geometric shapes and gold finishes. A black and gold chandelier can be a striking centerpiece.
- Table and Floor Lamps: Select lamps with sleek, angular designs and gold accents. Black lamp bases with gold details can tie the room’s theme together.
- Wall Sconces: Install wall sconces with mirrored or metallic finishes to enhance the Art Deco ambiance.

Decor and Accessories
- Wall Art: Hang Art Deco-inspired artwork, such as prints with geometric patterns, stylized animals, or cityscapes. Use black and gold frames to maintain consistency.
- Mirrors: Incorporate mirrors with geometric or sunburst designs in gold frames to add light and the illusion of space.
- Decorative Objects: Add gold-accented accessories like vases, picture frames, and decorative boxes. Look for pieces with Art Deco motifs, such as fans, zigzags, or stylized flora and fauna.

Playful Elements
- Toy Storage: Use stylish storage solutions like black and gold baskets or chests that blend seamlessly with the room’s decor.
- Interactive Areas: Create a play area with black and gold elements, such as a play tent with Art Deco patterns or a small table and chair set with gold accents.

Finishing Touches
- Personalization: Add personalized items like a nameplate in an Art Deco font or custom wall decals with the child’s name in gold.
- Consistency: Ensure that all elements of the room—from the largest pieces of furniture to the smallest accessories—reflect the Art Deco theme to create a cohesive and harmonious design.

By incorporating these features, you can create an Art Deco-inspired children’s room that is both elegant and playful, offering a stylish and unique space that reflects the opulence and sophistication of the Art Deco era while remaining functional and inviting for a child.

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